Teleport Pricing

We offer US or UK IP Address.

Our teleport plans are offered 24-7 plans and over wi-fi and you can connect as many devices as possible. Pick a payment plan that best fits your needs:

Most Popular

N7,500/3 mon

  • US IP Address
  • 24-7
  • 0% discount

N15,000/6 month

Half Yearly
  • US IP Address
  • 24-7
  • 1 month free

N30,000per year

  • US IP Address
  • 24-7
  • Discount

Not sure about which plan to choose?

Pricing FAQ

How much is the setup fee?

It is a one time cost of N30,500 to cover cost or router. Shipping price depends on location within Nigeria.

What is the best way to contact support?

YOu can chat with us online or call 01-4405610 or email

How do I make payment?

– Paying online at

Do I own the equipment?


Ready to get US or UK IP Address?