Event Wi-Fi

Event Wi-Fi

Tizeti provides Event Wi-Fi with reliable bandwidth, internet connectivity, and Wi-Fi networks for conferences, corporate meetings and outdoor events. We bring the hardware and services to make your event a success. When you select Tizeti’s Event Wi-Fi service to help with your Wi-Fi needs, We will provide real-time monitoring of your network and make the neccessary adjustments to keep things running smoothly. Our job is to ensure that your network runs seamlessly so that you can focus on producing a world-class event.

Offering Event Wi-Fi will give organizations the ideal opportunity to catch vital data about their attendees. And additionally enhancing social media reach and supporting data to catch potential customers. This implies, regardless of what you wish to accomplish from your particular event, there will be an answer accessible to help you achieve your objectives.

Live Streaming

Tizeti provides a dedicated internet bandwidth that supports live stream during events. The bandwidth provided depends on the request made.

Hotspot and Advertisements

We also provide our hotspot services during events. This service provides a seamless authentication system also via social media. With social media platforms now a standout amongst the most mainstream strategies by which people interact and share informaion, this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to advance your business and boost traffic to your social media pages. Not only will connecting to the internet via social media give quick login to the attendees, it also allows for a large group of advertising open doors and social outreach. It will provide automated ‘post to wall’ option that will give your event social exposure on an enormous scale and urge clients to discuss your business online.


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