Enterprise Solutions


Our enterprise solution delivers the best internet experience, you will be on dedicated wireless radios from our base station to your location, ensuring maximal bandwidth optimization. The plan is a true unlimited plan without data caps or throttling, you can stream and/or download as many terabytes as your storage can allow in the period of your active subscription. Bandwidth is tailored according to your budget and needs, we can provide speeds from 3 mbps to 1gbps (gigabit internet).

Key Features and Benefits:

    • Unlimited Internet and downloads no data caps whatsoever
    • Suitable for large number of connections
    • Customizable bandwidth and price options
    • Dedicated radios connecting customer to base station

2. SIP GATEWAY & CLOUD VOIP ( Voice over internet protocol) Solutions
We are an NCC licensed SIP /VOIP provider, our solution greatly enhance productivity and reduces call costs, while projecting a very professional image for your business to your callers.This service can be deployed with IP deskphones, a combination of desk phones and mobile apps or it can be deployed strictly SOFT ( mobile/ pc) for clients who seek to save on deployment cost

For setups with existing VOIP infrastructure, we can provide the SIP Gateway service, enabling your VOIP network to connect to other telcoss and vice versa. Our call rates are very attractive and our cloud based solution ensures your system is never disconnected. You get a dedicated landline number allowing 30 concurrent calls with full functionality.









This is our proprietary technology for an inexpensive VOIP solution, it’s cloud hosted and can be accessed via a web portal or via our custom app. ( runs on all platforms). This interface provides a full VOIP solution with dedicated landline number to interact with other telcos.









Some Features :

  • Manage users within your calling space, create and manage users within your small business, estate or large company. Assign roles and allocate call time
  • Easy deployment for multi location offices; As it is a cloud based service, adding new extensions for multiple locations worldwide can be done by an individual from a central location
  • Electronic Receptionist system (IVR) that welcomes your callers and directs them to the appropriate extension
  • Create a custom page to help find your business online in our ever growing business database
  • Supports DTMF and API’s
  • Call Queuing for multiple incoming calls
  • Caller ID for both internal and external calls
  • Call transfer
  • Calling statistics for monitoring and analytics
  • Call recording
  • Call hold
  • Basic Phone functions: Voice call, Call Forwarding, Conference call, Call transfer, Mute, Speaker phone, Hold and Video calling.
  • The APP is accessible on any mobile device (Android and iOS) and you can make calls on the go.
  • Messaging features
  • Can be integrated into Microsoft Teams or Cisco


Enhance productivity and save on transportation and traveling expenses with this video, audio and web conferencing technology that works together with the collaboration tools you use every day.

Key Features :

  • Video meetings anywhere: engage in video, audio and
    web meetings across mobile phones, desktops, and room
    Connect and have staff /management meetings
    across branches and regions in real time with clear visual and audio
  • Central management and reporting; easily share screens
    and collaborate on reports.
  • Saves time and money ,as most meetings can now be
    successfully held virtually.


The growing need to be always online for productivity brings us to a place where we demand high quality internet/Wi-Fi experience but with this comes some challenges, namely:

  • Security
  • Bandwidth control
  • Wi-Fi penetration

The simple answer is that if your Wi-Fi is to support more than 15 active devices, or you want to have more control of your network (as described above), you need to invest in a system with advanced capabilities and processing power to manage the data from your ISP with access points to distribute the signals as far and wide as you wish to place them while also improving the overall Wi-Fi experience.

Some Features of this service

  • Securing and separating networks
    within the network
  • Load Balancing/Enhanced QOS (Quality of Service)
  • Centrally control large networks
  • Guest Wifi for guests

Popular Use Cases:

  • Hotels for balancing internet load between office work and guest use
  • Educational Facilities for balancing internet load and connecting hundreds of users
  • Government, MDAs for connecting hundreds of users and separating networks
  • Business Offices for ensuring maximum uptime and load balancing
  • Restaurants and Cafes for guest wifi
  • Conference Halls and Event Centers for guest wifi and hotspot services to advertise their business
  • Homes for customization at various levels and parental controls