Terms and Conditions for Shared Internet Service

Terms and Conditions for Tizeti Network Limited’s Wifi.com.ng Shared Internet Service


  1. Overview

This document describes terms and condition,  target network performance and service level metrics for Broadband Internet Service provided over Wifi. Tizeti Network Limited   makes the following network performance and service level commitments.


  1. Definitions

Service Outage – An unscheduled period during which the service is    interrupted for the entire location and not usable. To qualify for service outage credits, Customer must open a      Trouble Ticket.

Service Outage Time– The period beginning when the customer reports a service Outage to Tizeti Network Limited (Trouble Ticket initiation) and ending when Tizeti Network closes the Trouble Ticket with the Customer. If the          Customer does not initiate a Trouble Ticket with Tizeti, or does not release the       circuit to Tizeti for testing, Tizeti Network Ltd will   not be obligated to issue credits for the Service Outage.

Trouble Ticket – The method to be used by the Dedicated representative when reporting to         Tizeti Network Limited,  a perceived Network Outage.


  1. Service Terms



* There is a one off installation charge and a monthly subscription fee.

* The installation charge covers the labour cost for the installation process. The devices remains the property of Tizeti Network Limited and in the event that payment has not been made for 90 days will be retrieved


* For technical support and customer service please email internet@wifi.com.ng or call 01-4405610


* Payments are to be made before expiration every month and are to be made by online payment, cheques to Tizeti Network Limited, by POS or Bank Transfer or online Please Login Here .


* For Bank transfer, Kindly make Bank transfer payments to:


Beneficiary: Tizeti Network Limited

Bank : Zenith Bank

Account number: 1013184381

Branch: Head Office Branch

* Monthly Subscription payments cover one month and subscribers will be disconnected if payment has not been made by the same day the next month.


When the Customer experiences a Service Outage, the Representative  must notify the appropriate Customer Service Center and open a Trouble Ticket. In order to         receive a credit on a Performance Standard, the Customer must first open a          Trouble Ticket by reporting the Service Outage within the business day of the        occurrence and then submit a written request for a credit to Tizeti Network within 7 business days   of   end of a month. The Representative  must          document the following information when requesting the credit; (1) the Trouble Ticket number.


  1. Performance Standards

Performance Standards are offered in conjunction with Tizeti Network Limited services for Wifi Internet Service. There are Performance Standards for Core Network Availability, Mean Time to respond, and Mean     Time to Repair (MTTR).



Performance Standard Wifi Service
Network Availability 95%
CIR 2Mbps shared
Mean Time to respond 6 hours
Mean Time to Repair 72 hours


  1. Network Availability

The Network Availability commitment relates to the amount of time that the Tizeti Network Limited Wifi Internet is available to the Customer. The Network is measured from the ingress to Tizeti Internet’s network (the port on the

Tizeti Network Limited’s router located in the head office office) to the egress  of Tizeti Network Limited’s (the port on the Dedicated Internet router     connected to the Public Internet). Downtime is calculated commencing with the      date and time the trouble ticket is opened and ending upon confirmation that        service has been restored.

Performance Standard

Tizeti Network Limited Network Availability performance standard is 95% in line with the NCC minimum standard for residential internet.         Tizeti Network Limited will extend the expiration of Dedicated residents customers account if Tizeti network Limited fails to meet this Core Network Availability Performance Standard during any calendar          month.

Core Network Availability is calculated as the total number of minutes in a calendar month during which network is up,          divided by the total number of available minutes in a calendar month. A Service Outage is calculated commencing with the date and time on which the Customer representative informs Tizeti Network Limited Service Outage by opening a Trouble Ticket with Tizeti Internet and ends on the date and time of service restoration. Network Outages beyond the responsibility of Tizeti Network Limited  are excluded from the calculation.

Network Availability is calculated as follows:

Monthly Network Availability Time (%) equals

1 minus Total minutes of service unavailability in, month / Total number of minute in month x 100


  1. Mean Time to Repair Internet Service. Mean time to repair (‘MTTR’) is the period of time commencing on the date and time the Customer informs Tizeti Network Limited of Network Outage (i.e., opening a Trouble Ticket) and ending on the date and time of service restoration (i.e., closing a Trouble Ticket).


Performance Standard

MTTR for all submitted Trouble Tickets shall target 24 hours averaged on a per month basis for Wifi Internet Service (excluding access related problems).



  1. Credit Structure -End User Circuits

The non-compliance credit structure is based on monthly billing calculations.
In the event that Tizeti Network Limited is unable to satisfy any one of the Performance Standards for any month, Tizeti Network Limited will extend the internet subscription expiration date of the customers


  1. Events Beyond Control of Tizeti Network Limited

All Network Availability and MTTR measurements do not include periods of Service Outage resulting in whole or in part from one or more the following causes:

  • The Customer’s applications, equipment, or facilities
  • Dedicated Power related scheduled maintenance
  • Any event or occurrence that results in “No Trouble Found’ resolution to Trouble Tickets
  • Force Majeure events beyond the reasonable control of Tizeti Network Limited Internet including, but not limited to, Acts of God, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, fiber cable Cuts, labor strikes, and national emergencies
  • Trouble Tickets associated with new installations
  • Interruptions associated with any act or omission on the part of the Customer or a third party, including, but not limited to, any interruption where the Customer elects not to release the service for testing and repair and continues to use it on an impaired basis
  • Interruptions during any period where Tizeti Network Limited or its agents are not allowed access to the Customer premises where the access lines are terminated, and
  • Master Trouble Tickets opened by Tizeti Network Limited, in the case of our upstream provider fiber outage.

Our consumer code of practice can be found here https://www.tizeti.com/consumer-code/