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Tizeti Hosts Students of Victoria Island Secondary School, Lagos

Tizeti Network Limited recently hosted students of Victoria Island Secondary at its headquarters on Friday the 8th of November 2019. The event was to mark the WORLD INTERNET DAY which was on the 29th of October and in pursuance to its Corporate Social Responsibility plans.
The students were chosen based on their interests in Information Technology.

Students of Victoria Island Secondary School

The students arrived at the company’s HQs at exactly 10 am accompanied by Mr. Adeite Adeleke (ICT Teacher) and were received by two staff members of Tizeti, Ayeni Michael and Olanrewaju Oluwole.

Kicking off proceedings, Uchechi Ogochukwu of the Sales Department, delivered a lecture on the Evolution of the internet from the first generation to its present 5G technology and the future development.

Uche delivering the lecture                                                                                                                       


The session focused basically on the evolution of the first generation (1G) mobile wireless communication network which was analog; used for voice calls only. The second-generation (2G) is a digital technology and supports text messaging.

The third-generation (3G) mobile technology provided a higher data transmission rate, increased capacity and provided multimedia support. The fourth-generation (4G) integrates 3G with fixed internet to support wireless mobile internet. It also increases the bandwidth and reduces the cost of resources.

5G which stands for 5th Generation Mobile technology is going to be a new revolution in the mobile market which will change the way cell phones are used.

Shortly after the session, the students were taken on a tour to various departments in the organization; from the Sales department to Retention, Network Operating Centre, Customer Support, R&D and Expresswifi.


The tour was interesting, it gave the students the opportunity to see how operations were carried out in the organization.  It also gave them an avenue to interact with staff members.

The second session which focused on the Effective and Positive Utilization of the Internet was delivered by the Hotspot Operations Lead, Oyomwan Osaiyuwu JIO.

Oyomwan Osaiyuwu JIO giving his lecture                                                                                               


The session emphasized the Proper use of the internet, Personal development with Web application tools such as Youtube, Google, Wikipedia, etc. Technical ideas on how to promote Business and Entrepreneur Ideas on social media platforms.

The company CEO, Mr. Kendall Ananyi, rounded off the memorable visit with words of advice to the student. He challenged and encouraged them to focus more on their studies, getting good grades. He stressed the importance of the internet, how it can help them learn more.


Mr. Kendall Ananyi Talking to the Students                                                                                                                   

He concluded by challenging them to gain enough knowledge, research deeply to find solutions to the numerous issues facing the country.

PHOTO SESSION [L-R]: Tope Oyeleye (CSO of Tizeti). The Students, Mr. Adeite Adeleke (ICT teacher of the school), Mr. Kendall Ananyi (CEO of Tizeti), Mr. Ifeanyi Okonkwo (COO of Tizeti).                               

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