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Utilizing WifiCall to improve startup customer retention and reduce churn

Running a start-up can be incredibly exhilarating… and incredibly difficult. One moment, you are raising a new funding round and smiling to the bank or having a significant product breakthrough and the next moment, another crisis threatens to terminate your attempts to disrupt your industry and emerge as the David fighting a diabolic Goliath. For start-ups, technology can be either a valuable business enabler or another obstacle to overcome. Some technology challenges start-ups face includes setting up an office and IT environment, onboarding users, supporting the core business via technology, and managing cash flows. As start-ups grow, it becomes more imperative – and more difficult – to maintain an efficient line of sight around corporate goals and improve collaboration within growing teams. When collaboration suffers, companies cannot deliver a consistent experience to users and customers and maintain their competitive edge.


Technology presents an opportunity for start-ups to stay lean, adopt modern processes and set themselves apart from more established competitors.

Start-ups can overcome these challenges by seeking out effective, efficient tools and processes to help them meet their technology challenges. They can work with an experienced ally to build a collaborative, technology environment that enables growth and supports sustainability. Tizeti’s WifiCall helps start-ups to stay connected, irrespective of geographical differences.


WifiCall is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service which allows companies to collaborate without legacy equipment. With WifiCall, callers can originate calls over the internet. Businesses can make use of WifiCall to manage inbound and outbound calls.


How the product works:


When you subscribe to WifiCall, you are assigned an official phone number and the setup can be done to work on a desk IP phone, a desktop application, or even a mobile app. This range of options saves companies from the costs of setting up different legacy equipment and fosters nimble, seamless operations.


The WifiCall system uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to perform routing of outgoing and incoming calls through existing telephone networks. It converts the analog voice calls by our VoIP application, IP phones, or ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) into a digital signal. This digital signal is then converted to data packets and is subsequently transmitted and routed over the internet to the respective recipients.  When the packets arrive at their destination, they are converted back into voice signals over a traditional circuit switch (PSTN).


This allows our calls to be received by both traditional telephones and other VoIP users around the world. This process may appear to be lengthy, but it is performed in a fraction of a second. However, to avoid transmission lag, you must have a reliable internet connection


The service supports any size of business and is scalable to accommodate growing teams.

Once setup is concluded, multiple team members can make and receive calls concurrently via different channels. Calls are managed using a feature known as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), which routes calls depending on user-selected inputs.


Technical Features of the WifiCall


Call routing / IVR:

Call routing is a feature in the WifiCall system that allows you to automatically direct and manage incoming business calls to individual agents based on defined criteria to help decrease the call abandonment rate. A recommended criteria to use will be to take advantage of our interactive voice response feature to filter down the customer needs before routing them to an attendant.


Call Queueing:

Call Queueing allows for the placing of all incoming calls into a queue when all attendants are occupied. The call answering mechanism is set as FIFO “First in First Out” while the recipient is kept occupied with engaging music



CRM Integration:

The WifiCall system allows users to sync information with third-party CRM software such as Zoho, Ameyo, and Freshdesk. This allows for the removal of redundant manual processes, effective data collection, low operating costs, and streamlined post-call actions.


IP and traditional phones integration:

WifiCall also provides integration with any existing desktop analog phones and IP phones already being used by your organization. Organizations without legacy equipment can use the mobile app.



How WifiCall improved Tizeti retention metrics


Our customer retention indices was changing rapidly at the start of the pandemic, and we realized we needed to engage our customers more effectively.


At the time, our customer engagement process for calls to customers from Retention Agents was very tedious. Our call agents had to manually work through different databases of customers – sorting first for relevant data, and then manually dialing customers’ numbers on their phones one after the other. This meant a very limited number of calls could be achieved per day by each agent. Inevitably, the team had to work overtime to be able to achieve the required tasks. As you can realize, this limited the productivity of the team


Agent’s monitoring was equally daunting for the Team Supervisor as they had to manually work through multiple agents’ worksheets to confirm work done and track performance. Management Reporting was also very difficult for the Team Supervisor as well as the Manager as these processes were entirely manual and required several man-hours to be achieved.


We decided to automate the calling process for the team and integrated WifiCall into our existing customer relationship management (CRM) system. From a dashboard, our agents developed the capability to:


  • Easily fetch customer’s (or group of customers) details per the assigned agent, and/or a combination of several other parameters like date, location (zone/base station), service status (active/expired), etc.
  • Initiate calls directly to the customers from the dashboard with a one-touch click.
  • Provide feedback to the system from a drop-list of predefined options.
  • Provide any additional information from the call in a text field.
  • Log call details – date/time


After we started using WifiCall, our retention metric improved by 36% Quarter on Quarter and revenue/EBIDTA grew significantly.


Benefits of WifiCall to organizations


Startups can improve their retention metrics with smarter technology and automation tools.


Tizeti’s WifiCall allows start-ups to do more with less, to collaborate more effectively, onboard employees faster, and improve workforce productivity while focusing on their core business.


Some of the benefits that WifiCall provides include:


  • Automated Response with a unique 01229xxxx/090xxx professional number.
  • Opportunity to add multiple agents/users to your account.
  • Call queue, call waiting, and call forwarding to your current number.
  • Call statistics and a dashboard to see other features.
  • Clear cheap calls.
  • Free in-house calls
  • CRM integration


WifiCall fosters a single line of sight on corporate objectives, irrespective of geographical barriers, and improves revenue goals, growth objectives, and sustainability plans, from small start-ups to large corporates.



Author: Tizeti Press


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